FAQs on 6 Weeks Practice Schedule

FAQs on 6 Weeks Practice Schedule (Paper 2) 

Q1. When will the first set of questions be posted?

Ans. Questions will be posted from Monday, 17th July

Q2. How will I post my answers?

Ans. For posting answers, you can login with your google or facebook or twitter account and then post your answer in comments section below the post. We have also incorporated the facility to upload an image in the comments section.

Q3. Is this initiative free or do I have to pay something?

Ans. This initiative is free of cost.

Q4. What will be exact schedule and coverage area?

Ans. This has already been specified earlier. Refer this link.

Q5. Will my answers be evaluated?

Ans. Though we will try to evaluate each and every one’s answer but this would depend on the number of participants. We would also like you all to discuss key areas among yourselves and make maximum use of this opportunity. Focus should not be on sticking to one’s viewpoint, rather learn from others mistakes and answers. Try to widen your horizon for best performance during the examination hall.

Q6. Will you provide model answers?

Ans. We are thinking of providing model answers or important points to be covered in answer. However, we all know that Paper 2 is a subjective one and no one answer can be the best. Also, we dont want you to mug up any particular answer for a question because this would be just an exercise in futility. Focus should be on developing writing habit, effectively expressing our views and broadening our horizon & understanding of the key areas.

Nevertheless, we assure you this will be an enriching and rewarding experience for all of you. Do write and practice hard. Don’t hesitate to write and stay clear of inhibitions like how will others judge my answer. It would be in everyone’s best interest to remove all their lacunaes before the final exam.

Always remember, “An ounce of Practice is worth more than a tonne of Preaching.”

All the Best!!!

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