Commerce for IAS – FAQ

In this section we will try to address some of the queries regarding opting Commerce Optional for IAS which hover in the mind of every serious aspirant.

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Question. What material should I refer for preparation of Commerce Optional for IAS?

Answer. Refer Suggested Readings & E-Learning Section.

Question. Can commerce Optional be prepared by self study or is it mandatory to join Coaching?

Answer. Commerce Optional can surely be prepared without any Coaching, reason being the students opting for the same have already studied the same at some stage in their life. What is needed is Practice, Guidance & Direction, for which you need not worry once you associate with us. However, if someone wishes to go for coaching, there are various options available in the market especially in Delhi.

Question. I have studied Commerce at College level. However, I am not much confident in the subject. Also, I hear people saying that the syllabus is so vast. Further, obtaining coaching of other optionals is relatively easier. So, why should I go for Commerce Optional?

Answer. Well, this must be the question which almost each one of you would be facing or would have faced at some point in your preparation. Benefits of opting Commerce Optional:

  • You have already studied the subject & have basic knowledge. So, its not difficult to cover whole of the syllabus. You may also find that in many topics you are already comfortable & you need not devote much time unto them.
  • This optional is high scoring & literally sky is the limit. Paper 1 being the practical one, you can easily get a handsome score in it, which will increase your overall score in mains exam.

However, this does not mean this Optional is best for you. It will certainly depend on your interest, your willingness to dive deeper in the subject and conceptual clarily. The advantage, which subjects like History, Geography etc. have in the form of similarities with GS Paper are too dwarf to come in the way of your genuine interest & passion in this subject. Remember, you have already done considerable work in this subject & this will be key to your final selection.

Question. How to answer practical problems in Paper 1 – Commerce & Accountancy?

Answer. Click Here