6 Weeks Practice Schedule for Paper 2



Hello folks, we have been getting a lot of queries regarding Answer Writing Practice of Commerce Optional especially for Paper 2. In order to facilitate and at the same time inculcate answer writing practice among students, we are starting 6 weeks practice session on Commerce Optional Paper 2. Questions will be posted on each topic as per the following schedule. We will endeavour to evaluate answers posted by the participants, but at the same time participants are encouraged to make healthy use of this forum for discussion and deliberations among themselves. Everyone is free to participate and share their answers.


Organisation TheoryNature and Concept of Organisation, External Environment of Organizations -Technological, Social, Political, Economical and Legal
Organisation Behaviour·        Meaning and Concept; Individual in organizations: Personality, Theories, and Determinants
Human Resources Management (HRM)Meaning, Nature and Scope of HRM, Human Resource Planning,
Industrial Relations (IR)Meaning, Nature, Importance and Scope of IR,


Organisation TheoryOrganizational Goals – Primary and Secondary goals, Single and Multiple Goals;
Management by Objectives
Organisation BehaviourPerception – Meaning and Process
Human Resources Management (HRM)Job Analysis, Job Description, Job Specification
Industrial Relations (IR)Formation of Trade Unions, Trade Union Legislation, Trade Union Movement in India.
Recognition of Trade Unions, Problems of Trade Unions in India, Impact of Liberalization on Trade Union Movement


Organisation TheoryEvolution of Organisation Theory: Classical, Neo-classical and Systems Approach, Modern Concepts of Organisation Theory
Organisation BehaviourMotivation: Concepts, Theories and Applications
Human Resources Management (HRM)Recruitment Process, Selection Process, Orientation and Placement, Training and Development Process
Industrial Relations (IR)Nature of Industrial Disputes : Strikes and Lockouts , Causes of Disputes, Prevention and Settlement of Disputes, ILO and its Functions


Organisation TheoryOrganisational Design, Organisational Structure and Organisational Culture, Organisational Design–Basic Challenges; Differentiation and Integration Process, Mechanistic and Organic Structures Designing Organizational structures–Authority and Control; Line and Staff Functions, Specialization and Coordination, Types of Organization Structure
Organisation BehaviourLeadership-Theories and Styles
Human Resources Management (HRM)Performance Appraisal and 360° Feed Back, Salary and Wage Administration
Industrial Relations (IR)Worker’s Participation in Management: Philosophy, Rationale, Present Day Status and Future Prospects


Organisation TheoryCentralization and Decentralization Process, Standardization / Formalization and Mutual Adjustment. Coordinating Formal and Informal Organizations, Mechanistic and Organic Structures Designing Organizational structures–Authority and Control; Line and Staff Functions, Specialization and Coordination
Organisation BehaviourQuality of Work Life (QWL): Meaning and its impact on Performance, Ways of its Enhancement, Quality Circles (QC) – Meaning and their Importance
Human Resources Management (HRM)Job Evaluation, Employee Welfare
Industrial Relations (IR)·        Adjudication and Collective Bargaining.


Organisation Theory·        Basis of Power , Sources of Power,Power Structure and Politics, Impact of Information Technology on Organizational Design and Structure, Managing Organizational Culture
Organisation BehaviourManagement of Conflicts in Organizations, Transactional Analysis, Organizational Effectiveness, Management of Change
Human Resources Management (HRM)Promotions, Transfers and Separations
Industrial Relations (IR)Industrial Relations in Public Enterprises, Absenteeism and Labour Turnover in Indian Industries and their Causes and Remedies

Also, keeping in view the examination pattern, a question or two based on current events relating to commerce will be included every week.

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    1. Hi.. Questions will be posted in the new category titled Weekly Commerce Practice on top of our page. You can click the category>click latest post>post your answer in comment/you can also add images.

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